'Survivor' Winner Earl Cole Outwits NCAA To Legally Pay Some March Madness Players

After Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Earl Cole won Survivor: Fiji in 2007, he used part of his $1 million prize to invest in tech ventures and philanthropies. Now he's fused both passions into a site for his nascent sports company Fanstreme -- The Player's Bracket, a kind of Kickstarter for March Madness.

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App Lets College Hoops Fans Pay Their Favorite Players

What do you call a mode of production in which laborers toil without pay for the financial betterment of their superiors? March Madness, baby.

Student-athletes make millions in licensing and ticket sales for top universities and don’t receive a penny. That sucks, but Fanstreme, a mobile gaming company focusing on sports, thinks it has a solution: Let fans pay the players.

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