Under Water Gadgets

Nowadays, gadgets and toys of all kinds are at the center of activities and entertainment on luxury yachts for rent. Always looking to multiply and vary the pleasures, motorized nautical toys with advanced technology, ensure hours and hours of pure pleasure. You will never enjoy water and sea air as much as after having challenged them.


Ride above the surface of the water at heights up to 12m. The Flyboard is a board with a water jet propulsion system connected to a jet ski. The propulsion is from the bottom, while you are balanced on the board. The Flyboard will improve your strength and agility. Between rises and dives, the youngest guests will experience moments of pure euphoria.

JetLev Flyer.

The JetLev is another revolutionary nautical toy. Thanks to a jetpack, it allows propulsion on the back. The charter guests will appreciate its comfort during their flights and will be able to try acrobatics rich in thrills.


Fast, fun and practical, the JetPad is an electric jet ski that behaves without age restriction. Totally electric, it has a range of 60 min. Ecological, you will have no scruples in using it!


Able to turn 90 degrees at high speed, the Wave cat catamaran is a water cart. Probably in the range of the most luxurious toys, it shows a great stability even by pressing the accelerator and propels on the water at a speed of 65 km/h.


The seabob is fast, agile and designed to take you where you want to go in no time, either on the surface or in the depths.

SeaDoo Water Scooter

Reaching 7k / h, with a range of 90min, this ergonomically designed SeaDoo Water Scooter is a Propulsion Diving Vehicle (HPV) that offers a fun and exciting way to cover great distances. It is great for helping those who do not feel comfortable in the water. It will give all guests the thrill of adventure on the water, during their luxury yacht cruise.

Reef Surfer Dive Plan

The Reef Surfer scuba diving aircraft is compact and easy to use. You control both pitching and rolling by being towed underwater by the tender of your luxury yacht or PWC. Dive and discover the marine fauna and flora and return to the surface with ease for a breath of fresh air. The Reef Surfer comes in two models, the “Lung” for beginners and intermediate divers, and the “Edge” for the more experienced.


An electric surfboard, the Lampagua is fast, agile and as harmonious as the sea creature whose name it shares – the dolphin. The Lampuga Boost has a 15hp electric motor that propels the board forward. Perfect for charter guests who want to learn surfing and tackle the waves.


The Subwing will give you the feeling of snorkeling under the surface of the water. Designed by the Norwegian inventor, Simon Sivertsen, this water sports board consists of two hydrodynamic wings separated by a swivel rubber base. By moving the wings up and down, you will find yourself on the surface. If you move the wings from left to right you can turn and twirl. Its speed of 2 to 4 knots, will transport you across the ocean to live a real ballet of the seabed of which you will be the main dancer.

Chilli Island

For absolute discretion afloat on your luxury private cruise, nothing can match Chilli Island! With its comfortable seats, sun visor, built-in Bluetooth stereo, built-in cooler and a 1kw electric motor to keep the champagne cool, the party will only begin.

Schiller X1

Take a stroll on the water with the Schiller X1 bike. Constructed from aluminum and stainless steel hoses, PVC pontoons and LED lights, a combination of Gates Carbon belt transmission, NuVinci n360 continuously variable transmission and twin thrusters, the Schiller X1 bike will allow you to pedal on water at a speed of up to 16 km / h. Real pleasure, it is ideal to stay in shape and your walks on the water.

Deepflight Dragon

What’s hiding under your superyacht? What creatures dwell in the depths? You can now discover it with the DeepFlight Dragon two seats. This personal submarine is the best in terms of technological progress. It can take guests up to 120m deep thanks to its vertical electric propulsion system. Its ergonomic design and simplicity of use will allow you to slip into the skin of a submarine pilot during an exploration.