Some Online Games


Lama breeder, you live quietly in your peaceful mountain until your animals escape. Neither one nor two, you jump on your snowboard to pursue them at full speed. That’s what the low pitch of Alto’s adventure is like. Throughout your race, you must be careful not to catch the rocks in full face and not fall into the huge chasms that dot the path.

The goal ? Go as far as possible while catching a maximum of llamas and collecting coins on your journey. By multiplying backflips and slides, you will gain speed to hit the snowy slope even faster. Nervous, fluid and aesthetic, this gliding game offers a very entertaining gameplay, ideal to pass the time.

Have you ever thought how dangerous it was for a chicken to cross the road? With Crossy Road, you enter the skin of a feathered beast whose objective is to survive in the midst of a tarred hell filled with merciless cars and trucks. Also be careful not to get run over by trains on the tracks or to fall into the tumultuous water of the rivers. This game uses your speed of execution. Indeed, if you stay still for too long, an eagle – just that – will be based on you and will sign the end of the game.

Ultra simple operation but taking, with just enough challenge, and a pixel art decor, this mobile game is perfect to fight against the subway’s sluggishness. Its very flashy colors are in fact very different from the dark and sad environment of underground public transport.


Relaxing. beautiful, nice. The whole world of this game is inspired by the works of the Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher , specialist of the representation of impossible constructions jostling the perception that one can have of an object. Monument Valley is based on the same geometric illusions. The player guides little Ida through moving architectures where perspectives keep changing.

So, the floor can turn into a pillar and the wall into a roof. The puzzles on offer are all more interesting than others and will always appeal to your logical sense. With brilliance, the game manages to make you think while bringing you a feeling of calm.

No more Lara Croft, iconic heroine of the Tomb Raider franchise. This game immerses us in the exploration of an exotic environment, in search of a lost treasure. In this adventure, do not expect to fight hordes of enemies armed with your faithful automatic pistols. No, the gameplay is based on solving riddles, mandatory to continue the quest. The difficulty grows as we progress.

Between fragile platforms, traps to avoid and dangerous beasts, Lara Croft Go is intelligent, well thought out and, above all, perfectly transcribes the universe of Tomb Raider. The graphics are neat with flowing animations and pleasant to watch.

Lara Croft GO

If you want to cross the ocean, a simple makeshift boat will not take you very far. Your dream requires a ship that can withstand the winds and tides. You must build a boat – translated by You must build a boat – invite you to build the largest ship possible and to recruit the members of your crew. How? By making the right combinations to defeat your enemies (for example, by aligning three sword squares) and open the chests (key boxes), you will become stronger and better equipped each time.

Thanks to a long life associated with a good combination between a fun scenario and a fairly basic but dynamic gameplay, you will have a good time on this application and you will see your boat grow and strengthen over the course of your adventure. A favorite.