Want to have a flat stomach and see your abs appear? I share my abs routine to help you build a beautiful lap belt! You will find the exercises and the number of repetitions that I recommend to work effectively your abs.

When one starts to fitness, he is a part of the body which obsesses the majority of interiors, men as women. We all want apparent abs and drawn for a nice flat belly. For this, some are close to chaining hundreds of rehearsals every day of the week.


Having apparent abs is based on 2 main factors. The main point is food. Abdominals depend primarily on your body fat, which is the amount of fat that covers your muscles. If you do not see them, in general it is especially that your food is not adapted. You consume the wrong foods or you eat healthy but your quantities are not suitable. Do not hesitate to check out my article my tips for losing weight to understand how to feed you to help you lose that fat. In some cases, you will be forced to go through a diet a little more restrictive diet type says dry as I showed you in my article a day in my plate dry here .


The other factor is of course exercise. Having drawn abs obviously involves the practice of specific exercises dedicated to these muscles. It is therefore necessary, as for the other muscles to work your abdominals. But intelligently! Once again, there is no point in doing hundreds of rehearsals every day of the week.

There are of course hundreds of ways to work your abs, so a good abs routine is what? It’s a routine that will allow you to work the abdominals from all angles effectively. So I propose my routine abs that will help you achieve this goal. It consists of 5 exercises to be performed afterwards (in circuit) and to start again 3 to 5 times after a pause of 1 to 2 minutes. My abs routine will help you work your entire lap belt dynamically and deeply. Chaining all the exercises will allow you to stimulate your abdominals well but you will also burn extra calories!


You can do my abs routine either at the end of your bodybuilding sessions, or at another time of the day, the morning waking for example. You can repeat it 3 to 5 times a week. It can also evolve easily since you can increase the number of circuits, the number of repetitions or even the weights used.

If you start, start without the time to get used to the movements. Remember to always contract the abs when you perform the movement. This will help you maintain the correct position and avoid hurting yourself. And it will increase the intensity of your session, perfect to work well abdominals. Stay hydrated during your breaks and do not forget to warm up!

Here you have all the info, you just have to put on your outfit! I show you the example with my abs routine on video! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in comments on the blog or under the video, I will answer with pleasure!