Breathing Under Water Gadget

An underwater respirator project recently raised $ 445,000 on Indigo, causing at the same time a deluge of reactions shouting at the scam. Yet, some technologies that already exist on the market or are in the development stage prefigure the world of tomorrow.

Have you ever tried to hoist a scuba tank on your back? It’s an experience. Imagine yourself in the middle of a parking lot heated by a blazing sun, sweating under your thick suit, holding the shoulder strap of your vest with one hand and desperately contemplating your block of 20 kg irretrievably screwed to the ground. Because yes, you are not in the water, nor on the zodiac, nor even walking on the pier, struggling under the load under the amused eyes of vacationers, but you will already have to accomplish a small personal feat by pulling a raised-thrown block on the shoulders.

And it is at this moment that the thought that crosses at least once the mind of any diver reaches you in turn: ”  What am I doing here? “

You better understand now the madness that took hold of the web in April when a crowdfunding campaign was organized on Indiegogo around a miniature respirator project mistakenly named Triton Gills (the gills of newt).

This project, which had already traveled the canvas in 2014, according to its designers, Jeabyun Yeon Rea and Saeed Khademi, respectively designer and entrepreneur, to breathe like a fish for 45 minutes at 5 meters deep separating oxygen from the water and sending it to the diver’s mouth using a micro-compressor . The height of the hype, James Bond and Obi-Wan Kenobi use a similar gadget. Gadget expected to fall under the tree at the end of 2016. It was enough to turn heads.

The success of the campaign ($ 880,000 the first eight days, then $ 445,000 in one month after resetting) was as dazzling as the ferocity of the articles wishing to prove the stupidity of the concept. While some happy few ordered them by the kilo, others explained point by point why nothing in this device will ever work .

Except that the reality is not so decided. First, let’s be realistic, you will not find Triton in your slippers, at least not in 2016 and not in this form. The technological challenges are huge. Some elements of the system nevertheless exist independently in the industry. Others are developing within the labs. These are the doors we pushed with a question in mind: are the technologies put forward by the Triton Gills team plausible?