Best Online Games For Boys

Silent Hunter 5

Silent Hunter V, developed by the Romanian branch of Ubisoft in 2010, remains the latest game \ ‘triple A \’ submarine released by a major publisher. Achievement level, you will not find better in these pages. The basic game (7/10 in Duck PC) was far from perfect, but some vdr1981, the mainstay of the community, stood up against the inevitability. He compiled hundreds of disparate mods and made them compatible with each other to create the ultimate Silent Hunter V. His work is called The Wolves of Steel, 1.4 GB of data that transform the game in depth (ha ha!). In addition to a myriad of graphic improvements, TWOS changes the dynamic of the campaign, releases all options for simplification and gives access to real instruments (in German, of course) thatHerr Kaptain to polish the firing solutions of their torpedoes. And it’s absolutely great. Everything is better, more beautiful, more complex, more realistic. For example, you will no longer have a permanent magic indication on the position of your submarine. It will be necessary to ask a crewman to calculate it (it will take him a few minutes and he can make mistakes) or better, determine it yourself using a sextant. Count a few hours of tutorials (in-game, in English only) to start feeling comfortable in this awesome megamod . It is IMHO the best underwater experience currently available.

Silent Hunter III

Yes, Silent Hunter III is almost ten years old. Its 3D engine is not really up to date. But it remains very frankly playable, provided to add its unofficial extension GWX3. Developed over three years by an international team of about twenty people, GWX3 is a quasi-professional mod that blew all the technical limits of the original product (distance of display, rendering of the water and the weather … ). And of course, you know the song, all the mechanisms have been reviewed to clear the game, make it more complex, more realistic, with a more malignant AI, because it’s still what the big intoxicated of the simulators -marine. A nice parochial feud pits Silent Hunter III ayatollahs against Silent Hunter V’s fundamentalists to find out which game (once modded down) remains the best submarine simulation ever produced, but we’ll take a neutral stance. And Silent Hunter IV, will you tell me? We are not talking about Silent Hunter IV. It’s like that. Never discuss the subject again.

Crash Dive

If the ultra-complexity of a Silent Hunter V modded up to the core does not make you fantasize, look to the side of Crash Dive. Like Atlantic Fleet, it was originally developed for iOS before being ported to PCs. In this nice submarine simulation, a sort of modernized Aces of the Deep, you hunt convoy in the North Atlantic. It’s simple and it works. You will not have to calculate torpedo shooting solutions yourself or make graph paper readings. The game focuses on the infiltration side (you have to get as close as possible to the convoys without being spotted by the escort destroyers), on the management of risk taking, while offering an atmosphere that has nothing to envy to a Silent Hunter.


CMA / NO is best known for its achievements: a foul name, even abbreviated, and a dizzying price since it continues to be sold 75 euros on Steam. At this price, we expect a big budget production. Not even ! It’s an ugly game with dialog boxes and Windows menus, accompanied by a map that can scru scrubs. But it is the worthy successor of the mythical Harpoon, and as such, the only wargame able to correctly simulate, at the tactical level, any naval battle, at any historical period, anywhere on the globe. Moreover, the Pentagon is currently in talks with the developers of the game to use it in its own simulations … The underwater part of CMA / NO is very complete, almost all existing platforms since the Second World War are modeled. For example, you can direct the modern French nuclear submarines around the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, and order them a strategic nuclear strike on Melun if you sing. An incredibly rich and complex wargame, which will obviously be reserved for an audience already having a large military and naval aviation culture.